Yo-kai Watch 2 Review

Have you noticed that fewer people are talking about Pokemon Go than a few months ago? That's because Yo-kai Watch 2 is here. This series is poised to be the next big thing.


You play as a young boy or girl who sets out to capture lots of spirits. When you get right down to it, spirits are superior to monsters, because they are real. That lends this game a level of credibility absent in even the most pragmatic Digimon.

But don't let that realism fool you! Yo-kai Watch 2 is far from gritty, with its colorful world and the whimsical dialog. This game is so charming that it will win over anyone, no matter how sour their disposition. If frost giants were real (and they aren't because monsters are not real, which you might remember from earlier in this review) this game would melt their hearts.

Battles are fought like an RPG, with enemies and options. I appreciated the depth. The game is also like an RPG because it has quests and lasts eighteen hours. Talk about getting a lot of bang for your buck!

Are there any flaws? Sure. I would like to have seen the spirits talk about monsters, to point out how monsters are not real. But maybe that's not a flaw so much as a deliberate omission to address in a sequel. As if we needed further proof that Yo-kai Watch's developers are brilliant!