Xbox One S Review

We didn't think it was possible to make a better console than the Xbox One. Boy were we wrong!


With the Xbox One S, Microsoft has delivered a stunningly powerful system, promising minimal or zero performance improvements in most games. This is, in a word, astonishing. The age of incremental console upgrades is finally upon us.

This new system is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. To put that into perspective, a football field is 100 yards long. To put it into another perspective, if you laid ten Xbox One S consoles in a row they wouldn't even come close to circling the Earth. This thing seriously saves a lot of space. It's the perfect addition to any living room.

With clean lines and a relatively simple white shell, this is a fantastic looking piece of hardware. In fact, unless Sony or Nintendo advertise on our website, I'd say this is the most gorgeous console of its generation.

Just how powerful is the Xbox One S? We tried to play Halo 5 without any console plugged in, grasping the television's panel in our sweaty hands and attempting to will the game into existence through sheer concentration. It didn't work. With the Xbox One S hooked up to this same tv, we were able to play Halo 5. The results are conclusive: This system is more powerful than the human imagination.

The Xbox One S also supports 4K video playback. That's nice to know, even if I personally don't see myself playing any movie more than 1k times in a row.

So should you buy an Xbox One S? That depends. If you already own an Xbox One, you should definitely upgrade. If you don't own an Xbox One, you should absolutely buy an Xbox One S.