World of Wacraft: Legion Review

Blizzard created MMOs, and now they have returned to reinvent the genre!


The newest World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, takes players on a thrilling adventure to a new region called the Broken Isles. With five previous expansions under their belt Blizzard is at the top of their game (as in video game) when it comes to area design. Zones are large enough to accommodate multiple people. Enemies and geographical features can be found in almost every direction. There are very few stretches of flat land with placeholder checkerboard textures.

The expansion unlocks a new level cap of 110. Even the most skilled members of the top-tier raiding groups have never been able to get their character levels this high!

Legion also introduces an entirely new class, the Demon Hunter. Unlike some of the more diplomatic classes, the Demon Hunter specializes in using combat to take down enemies. He or she can equip armor and even use weapons to dispatch foes. Savvy World of Warcraft veterans will take use of the Demon Hunter's skills. When pressed, these buttons do extra damage. Legion puts you in the middle of the action like never before!

Speaking of Legion, it has a new feature called Artifact Weapons. Sounds good!

Whether you're a devout World of Warcraft fan who has been subscribing since day one, a lapsed player, a complete newcomer, or a different kind of person, World of Warcraft: Legion is hands down the best MMO on the market.