World of Final Fantasy Review

Everyone has a different favorite Final Fantasy game. You'd think that with billions of people and only like 20 Final Fantasies there would be some overlap, but no. Everyone has a different favorite. What would happen if someone took the absolute best parts of all those favorite games and combined them in the perfect package? You'd get World of Final Fantasy, everyone's new favorite Final Fantasy.


World of Final Fantasy is so good that Square Enix should probably delay Final Fantasy XV. Once you play this, every other RPG will seem like garbage from a garbage monster's butthole. It's such a joy to play that all other experiences will seem hollow by comparison.

It's also a cute game! The main characters have cute amnesia, and they can shrink down to cuter versions of themselves with disproportionately big heads. What I'm saying is that this game isn't just the ultimate celebration of all things Final Fantasy, it's also an homage to NBA Jam.

The story, as you'd expect, is fantastic. I don't understand anything that's going on or anyone's motivations. In other words it's the purest, most brilliant Japanese RPG to come along in years.

World of Final Fantasy distills an entire series into one essential video game experience. If you took all of your favorite meals and blended them together it would be a disaster, so this game should be impossible. I don't know how they did it. All I can do is thank them for this, the best RPG of the year by a wide margin.