Watch Dogs 2 Review

Watch Dogs 2 might be full of hacks, but the studio that made it sure isn't! This is the apex of AAA open world design - a bombastic techno-thriller with heart!


Most of the game revolves around computer things. These computer things are based on real life computer things, like computers and bad companies and surveillance and keyboards. It's the most accurate representation of hacker culture ever made!

The game's rendition of the San Francisco Bay Area is nothing short of breathtaking, easily worth the price of admission alone. It's a perfect 1:1 recreation of the area. I know because I checked, and the in-game map lines up EXACTLY with the game world.

There is so much attitude in Watch Dogs 2 that the game practically gives itself the finger! You'll cackle with glee as memes you are familiar with are displayed on your screen!

If you don't play Watch Dogs 2, you might as well go e-stick your head in the sand with all the other analog sheeple.