Tyranny Review

Disclaimer: Tyranny's publisher, Paradox Interactive, provided us with a review copy of this exquisite video game.


For the record, Fallout: New Vegas is my favorite video game of all time. Obsidian's unique approach to worldbuilding has made me a shameless fan, eternally rooting for their success. I go into all of their games expecting the best and brushing aside minor quibbles that might bother other people. Thankfully, Tyranny is so good that my taste doesn't enter into the equation.

Here's the pitch: You're a fantasy Judge Dredd in a world where the bad guy won, traveling and upholding the law as you see fit. The framework of Pillars of Eternity has been polished and upgraded then hollowed out to accomodate an Alpha Protocol-ish branching story structure. The result is a meaty cRPG worth replaying again and again.

There are multiple factions, all of which contain at least one person you can speak to. It's mind-blowing! Combat is real-time with pausing so you can halt the action and rub your chin thoughtfully, tactically assessing the placement of your party's corpses on the battlefield. Talk like a hero, fight like a scholar!

In the grand scheme of things, western cRPGs aren't very common. Of the few that come along, only a fraction are this experimental. Of those, none are this successful. My affection for Obsidian has been justified yet again. I'd love to work there one day!