Thumper Review

Looking for an excuse to buy into PlayStation VR? Thumper is a gift from the virtual reality gods.


Welcome to the best game you'll play all year. Thumper is... there's a track, and a beetle thing, and colors... Thumper is engrossing from start to finish!

Things happen when you time them well, and there's a beat, but it's not a rhythm game. You're a beetle. A beetle spaceship? You press the button... Thumper is a delight!

I definitely understand what Thumper is and how to play it. Don't doubt that for a minute. It's the game everyone is raving about - for good reason!

The bad guy is ahead of you, and when you time certain things well I think it weakens him or maybe it's a coincidence. It's... you're a beetle god? Like an infinity scarab?

Thumper is pure gaming bliss!