Super Mario Run Review

We've seen the hype. We've heard the speculation about what this means for the future of the company. Now all that matters is: How good is Super Mario Run? It's the finest Nintendo game on non-Nintendo hardware since the Legend of Zelda games on CD-i!


As a game on the iPhone, the controls are natural. By that I mean you naturally have no direct control and can tap the screen or hold the screen or sort of swipe. Mario does his thing and takes your vague suggestions. This is the next level of interactive gaming!

You've never seen a Mario game with graphics like this! Unless you've played a New Super Mario Brothers game. It shares the NSMB art style, which is great for players who dislike intrusive elements like personality and charm cluttering the experience.

For only ten dollars you can unlock the entire game. How much content is that? Well, you can replay all 24 levels as many times as you like. That's an infinite amount of gameplay!

Don't just walk... RUN to your iOS device and experience this momentous piece of gaming history!