Steep Review

The pulse-defying blend of extreme snow sports in Steep is so perfect that it's all downhill from here!


Not content to simply outdo Jonny Moseley Mad Trix, Steep creates a new genre. It's an open-world snowsport game. What does that mean? Well, see that distant mountain you're starting on? You can ride down it. Complete freedom meets complete shred action. Whoa!

The list of included modes is spectacular. There's snowboarding, wingsuiting, paragliding, and even a made-up method of conveyance Ubisoft calls "skiing". Dude, whatever!

But the true measure of an extreme sports game is attitude. And also we are happy to report that this game has 'tude coming out of its ears! A lot of the clothing items are brightly colored.

Is Steep the best extreme snow sports game of the year? Without a doubt. Is it worth putting up with reviews where the writer asks a question then answers it? Yes, yes it's worth that and much more. Steep rekindles your loving memory of SSX then respectfully shoves that memory into a snow chipper.