Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Review

Gotta go fast - to buy this fantastic game! Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is the return to form we've been clamoring for since Sonic CD. It spin dashes through all expectations and grabs the golden ring of triumphant metaphors.


Fans of Sonic will already be familiar with the franchise's decades-long narrative. For you newcomers, though, it goes like this: Bean man... Sonic kisses a human lady... dark edgy Sonic clone with guns... casino world?

This new game furthers the broader plot by introducing the elements of fire and ice. You can switch between fire and ice modes at will to overcome ice blocks (by turning into fire and melting them), water (by turning into ice and freezing it), and Sonic's shameful past (by ignoring the elements and just frantically running). Other gameplay options include jumping and standing still. Switching between your full arsenal of moves as you ricochet through a level is an adrenaline-fueled joy.

Sega squeezed every ounce of power out of the 3DS. The visuals are superb, and the sense of speed is so palpable that I found myself spinning to my right so Sonic wouldn't fly off the side of the screen. I would suggest playing the game in a rotating office chair or having an inkling of common sense.

Should you play Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice? I'll answer that with a famous Sonic the Hedgehog quote: "Sure, but you really should have pre-ordered!"