ReCore Review

What a time to be alive if you love blasting the heck out of robot animals in video games! Between ReCore, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Breath of the Wild's mechanical-spidery Guardians, you're going to be up to your ears in twitchy sparking foreleg chunks for the next few years. I feel like there might have been a few more E3 trailers for games where you hunt robots and craft stuff. Does Uprising: Sloth Protocol ring a bell? Man's Best End? Maybe I'm misremembering.


Either way, ReCore's arrival is a triumph. You play as Joule, an engineer who wakes up on an alien world and finds that her robots' switches have been flipped from the "terraform" setting to "kill you". As an engineer, Joule uses her wits to come up with a solution: Shoot the robots. Shoot the blue robots with the blue gun. Shoot the yellow robots with the yellow gun. Shoot the red robots with the red gun. The action is relentlessly clever.

When you weaken a Corebot (the robots are named Corebots, by the way) you can even launch a grappling hook into its core (I'm assuming this is where the "core" part of Corebot comes from) and try to yank it out with a fishing mini-game. Why would you do such a thing? You've got a handful of friendly robot pals helping you out. Feed them a core and their stats increase. When their stats go up they become better, which basically makes this a role playing game. Is there any genre this game can't master? No. This is the game we have all been waiting for.

ReCore is a perfect blend of Metroid Prime and PS2-era platformers. If you like alien worlds, jumping, and thrilling cerebrals, you can't go wrong. There's only one downside: The wait for ReCore 2.