PlayStation VR Review

Sony's PlayStation VR headset was featured in the first preview published on our site. As it turns out, our enthusiasm was correct, as was the 10/10 preview score we awarded the hardware. PlayStation VR is virtually perfect!


This is the sort of hardware that makes life worth living. Sony has created something bigger than any of us, a magical device that instills a sense of awe when placed upon your unworthy head. It gets even better when you turn it on.

Some PSVR games use Move controllers to sense the position of our hands. This seems strange. After all, if a game wanted to know exactly where my hands were, the answer would usually be, "nowhere near a Move controller". Equation solved.

But somehow the PSVR elevates the Move controller beyond its original potential. This is the fusion of design and hardware and software and other hardware and a breakout box and a camera. It just works.

The software selection is expansive and it has many games. If you're a fan of software, the PSVR is a no-brainer.

What is the future of virtual reality? We'll answer that question next week. What is the present of PSVR? It's the future of virtual reality.