Planet Coaster Review

Disclaimer: Frontier Developments, the kind and noble souls who made Planet Coaster, provided Box Quote Factory with a review copy of the game along with a very nice email.


It's all the fun of an amusement park - without waiting in line! Planet Coaster is pure joy, a tinkerer's dream and an endless source of thrills.

Build your own rides! You control every twist, turn, and plummet. The only limit is your imagination - and the skeletal integrity of your guests.

Experience each attraction in first person! Your stomach will clench as your rollercoaster car hangs on the precipice of an impossible drop. After a big splash in a log flume you'll instinctively reach out to dry your monitor. When you buy a hot dog you will actually bite your monitor. Trust me, I did. Several times.

Create your dream park! Want Westworld with a pirate-themed lagoon? You've got it!

If you want to recapture that moment of wonder when you first set foot in an amusement park as a kid, this is your game.