Paper Mario: Color Splash Review

The latest Paper Mario doesn't fall flat!


Paper Mario: Color Splash is a much-needed splash of color across the dreary gaming landscape. It's everything you love about Mario, RPGs, and life itself.

Color Splash is the first Mario RPG to appear on a console since Super Paper Mario, and the hardware upgrade is obvious. The action practically leaps off the screen in vivid detail! Any given screen is indistinguishable from art. Are games art? If they weren't before, they are now!

Fans of gameplay will love Paper Mario: Color Splash. It has elements that are satisfying. It also has elements that are fun. There are even elements that are deep! It truly has something for everyone.

Is this the best Paper Mario game ever made? Well, it's better than all of the previous Paper Mario games put together. However, all those games were possibly the best game ever made. So it's a tough call.

If you only play one video game in your life, make it Paper Mario: Color Splash. It looks good on paper - and on your tv screen!