Overwatch Review

Blizzard has done it again! This plucky, colorful shooter makes us say, "Team Fortress Who?"!


Overwatch features many characters. There's cowboy man, and cyborg ninja man, and butt lady, and butt lady with robot. You can shoot at all of these characters and see them in the game.

This game falls into a new genre Blizzard calls "multiplayer", using The Cloud to connect players with mind-blowing gameplay and graphics that will blow your eyeballs out of your head.

With 21 heroes and 12 maps, Overwatch contains an infinite amount of gameplay! Since there are so many characters and places where characters can stand, and directions to look, no two matches will be exactly alike. You can also choose to shoot or not shoot at any time, which adds to the variety.

Blizzard's unparalleled level of polish is in full effect. None of the character models have missing textures. It's the most perfectly balanced competitive game of all time, as both teams have an equal number of player spots.

Overwatch isn't just the best shooter on the market. It's a triumph of game design. Playing this game is a pleasure and an honor.