Mafia 3 Review

Eyy, youse! Why you gotta sprain your stromboli worrying about Mafia 3? Fuggedaboutit! We like-a da game!


Both of this week's major releases, Paper Mario: Color Splash and Mafia 3, are about color. In Mafia 3, that color is the color of skin.

Race is a tricky topic to take on in video games. Mafia 3 gets it right. This is the gold standard of race relations. The game mentions race many times and it never makes me (a white man) feel uncomfortable, so I know it's expertly written. Kudos!

The story involves a black man feeding people to alligators in the 1960s. There are many good songs from this time. All the clothes and cars are period-appropriate, which really adds to the atmosphere. I also liked how every character had a name.

But Mafia 3 isn't just the most important piece of media to have ever addressed race in America. It's also a super fun open world game with blasty action hijinx! It has violence and a map and actvities that happen on the map. It's an open-world game fan's dream!

Mafia 3 is an offer you can't refuse!