The Last Guardian Review

If The Last Guardian is a reward for gamers who waited this long, I'm willing to wait a hundred years for the studio's next title!


Like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian is a game about ruins. You move a fully modeled character around the screen and find the thing to do the puzzle. It's more than a game - it's art!

The Last Guardian isn't just about ruins. It's also about Trico, a dog that appears to be large due to tricks of perspective. Clever camera work makes Trico look enormous even though he's really just very close to the camera. Since the game only has to render a small dog, many resources are freed up, which allows the framerate to maintain a steady 60fps.

This game is an experience that must be played to be fully seen. Unless you're watching someone else play it. That would work too. That's the beauty of Fumito Ueda games. They transcend mere mechanics. The mechanics are great!

So how does The Last Guardian stack up to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus? Well you can't really compare them, but the dog is bigger than the Ico lady and smaller than the Colossus. It's the full package and the game of the year!