House of the Dying Sun Review

Disclaimer: We were provided with a review copy of House of the Dying Sun by its creator Mike Tipul. He is a wonderful human being. This review will reflect our appreciation.


Look out, Star Wars! Step aside, Destiny and Halo! Watch your back, concept of outer space! House of the Dying Sun is the most thrilling game in the known universe.

You are tasked with blasting every living thing in space for a very good reason. Well, I'm assured it's a very good reason. There are definitely traitors, and something about a bell.

Choose a mission from the map. Then accomplish the objective by doing lots of loops and shooting anything that happens to wander into your crosshair. You can pause at any time for a zoomed-out overview of the battle, where you can issue orders or take control of another ship in your fleet. By completing missions and bonus objectives you'll expand your fleet and your abilities, allowing you to revisit early missions on harder difficulty settings for new rewards.

It's a remarkably addictive campaign structure. And the moment-to-moment gameplay feels great, whether you're using a gamepad, mouse and keyboard, flight stick, or Samba De Amigo maracas. You don't have to play House of the Dying Sun with a virtual reality headset, but if you do it also happens to be the best VR experience out there.

This isn't just impressive as a one man effort. It's impressive because it has more atmosphere, style, and thematic consistency than any big budget sci-fi game in recent memory. There's only one excuse for not buying House of the Dying Sun right this second, and that excuse is that you're busy buying several copies already.