Hitman Review

Disclaimer: We were provided with a review copy of Hitman for the PC. It's the first title we received from a major publisher, so this review will almost entirely consist of hyperbolic box quotes.


Meet the new high point of the Hitman series! Hitman is already better than Blood Money in every way - and it's not done yet!

As it turns out, Hitman is perfectly suited to an episodic structure. Every outing is a miniature vacation with new locales to sneak into, new objects to murder obnoxious targets with, and new hiding places to stuff bodies into. It's the gift that keeps garroting!

Challenges give you an excuse to play through episodes again and again, trying out new and seeing what interactions you missed out on last time. It's basically the video game version of Groundhog Day, but somehow more fun.

Hitman has something for everyone. Love stealth? You can change clothes and crouch to your heart's content. Action? You haven't experienced tension until you've chucked a fire extinguisher at a chef's head for no reason. Walking simulators? You can control Hitman's speed to a very slow walk. For fans of old-school Mario platforming, there are even coins!

This is what it looks like when a series comes into focus. Decades of potential are being realized in a hundred little ways, all working to create something better than anyone could have expected. Don't miss it.