Final Fantasy XV Review

After ten years it's finally here. Final Fantasy XV represents an ambitious and bold new direction for the series: A simulation of a Star Trek crew stumbling around the ship's bridge during an attack!


Press the thumbstick in a direction and your character awkwardly hurtles forward, bent at the waist. Ease up and he comes to a screeching halt, arms flailing and legs locked, his torso twisting in desperate defiance of his momentum. Movement is always a little too fast and a little too imprecise, which perfectly suits the simulation.

As the camera spins, your three party members contribute to the sensation of freaking out in a battle station staffed by panicked idiots. All three fumble in seemingly random directions, a swirling mass of confusion and terrible haircuts that starts and stops with no obvious reason. Sometimes they stand still with their hands at their sides - usually in the middle of combat. Sometimes they clip through objects, or just teleport in front of you while you're attempting to focus on an enemy. If you've never been seasick before, trying to move in Final Fantasy XV while your party swirls around you is a great way to experience the ordeal.

Throughout the decade-long development process Square Enix had a clear goal: Make basic movement feel like a room of bad Final Fantasy cosplayers scrambling around a Tilt-A-Whirl trying to find their inner ears. They did a terrific job.

There's also a story and quests and characters and a battle system. Final Fantasy XV is in stores now!