EA Sports Games (FIFA 17, Madden NFL 17, NHL 17) Review

Disclaimer: We know very little about sports, but Electronic Arts is large and powerful. In the interest of getting EA's attention with one potent feature, we are reviewing this year's FIFA, Madden, and NHL games simultaneously.


You've never seen a sports game this bone-crunchingly real! This year's installment is the best the series has ever been.

Last year reviewers said the game was mechanically solid, but they expressed concerns about the lack of expected features. EA Sports listened, and added several expected features.

Athlete animations are more fluid than ever, with plenty of motion capture lending personality to celebrations. Physics have been reworked! Now when objects are hit they behave the way you'd expect. This is the sports simulation to end all sports simulations. If it's in the game, it's really in the game.

The career mode is deeper than it was last year. You can create an athlete in your own image and take them from a rookie to a legend. Other modes allow you to play an entire season as one team, or to play a single game.

Last, but certainly not least, is the graphics. These visuals will make your eyes pop. From the lifelike crowd to the tiniest drop of sweat, this is a gorgeous game. If someone walks past while you're playing, they'll swear it's a real televised matchup.

Whether you're an annual buyer or a lapsed fan, this is the one sports game you absolutely need to buy this year.