Destiny: Rise of Iron Review

When Destiny launched it was the perfect sci-fi shooter epic, a gem so flawless that it was impossible to improve upon. And its only gotten better with each DLC! Rise of Iron is a must-own for anyone who has decided to own every Destiny expansion.


Bungie's latest addition to their beloved space opera takes the plot in a bold new direction. There are new alien guys, and they want to fight you.

New items change things up in a major way. Many of them have higher numbers, allowing you to fight higher level enemies without taking as much damage. If you're a loot addict, welcome to your new obsession!

Raids provide unique challenges to take on with your friends. Raid design is brilliant, introducing situations that can only be tackled by multiple people. For instance, there might be several enemies approaching from different directions. Players might need to stand in different places to activate doors. There might be a relay race involving space eggs on space spoons.

Rise of Iron is the crowning jewel in Destiny's swan song. It doesn't just raise the stakes for Destiny 2, it's pre-emptively better than Destiny 2, at least until Destiny 2 comes out.