Dead Rising 4 Review

Is Dead Rising 4 worth playing? Of corpse! It's a no brainer!


If you love a little mystery mixed in with your horror, this is the game for you. Dead Rising is packed with questions. For instance, who is this guy claiming to be Frank West, even though he clearly looks and acts nothing like Frank West? What happened to the time limit that encouraged repeated playthroughs, heightened the atmosphere, and made the series horror Groundhog Day?

If Dead Rising 3 was an attempt to smooth over the formula and make it more popular, Dead Rising 4 takes the franchise to its logical conclusion. All the quirks that made 1 + 2 so unique have been expertly smoothed over. Why be a cult classic when you can appeal to everyone?

Dead Rising 4 isn't just the newest game in the Dead Rising series, it's also the one with the highest number in its title. We can't recommend it enough.