Civilization VI Review

How good is Civilization VI? Monumentally good! So good that even though 2K Games has yet to send us a review copy of a single game or respond to our emails about marketing on Box Quote Factory, I'm giving the game a 10/10.


Civilization VI is the perfect jumping-on point for newcomers. The series' story is easy to follow. There's a man and his kid, and countries. Sometimes there's war but also sometimes there is a spaceship. It's the sort of story that makes you think... that this is the best game you've ever played!

You should know that this game contains two dangerous concepts: Strategy and turns. Every few years it becomes common knowledge that since action games are so popular, no one will enjoy taking their time to make a decision ever again. Then a game like Civilization VI comes along and reminds us why strategy games are vital.

Civ VI sandwiches the entire scope of humanity between bookends of optimism and bread of ingenuity. Only a strategy game can present these sorts of themes while giving you an active role that feels meaningful and encourages you to absorb every detail at your leisure.

Strategy is the greatest genre. Civilization VI is the proof of this. More than that, it elevates strategy and points the way forward. Through a barbarian camp.