BioShock the Collection Review

Would you kindly buy three of this decade's finest shooters in one package?


BioShock the Collection (without a colon that sounds like a Peter Gabriel song title) is a stunning achievement. You get BioShock, the sequel to BioShock which they called BioShock 2, and BioShock 3 which they called BioShock Infinite. You even get all the DLC. If this isn't on your shelf, you have no business calling yourself a true gamer.

The original BioShock turned video games on their heads. It made us care about objectivism, the ocean, and plasmids in a way that real life had never been able to. Who can forget the incredible plot twists, like when it was dark and then a scary person in a mask wanted to hurt you?

BioShock 2 introduced Big Daddies and the concept of having two arms. It's a shame that this installment was met with relatively little hype or acclaim. While many would name the first or third game as their favorite in the series, some people strongly believe that the truth is always in the middle.

BioShock Infinite took the plot into a new era with skyhooks and racism. This was a true thrill ride from start to finish. Columbia remains a wonderfully realized world, the sort of place that can only be made possible in video games. I particularly enjoyed picking through trash cans!

Even if these games had been left untouched this collection would have been an incredible deal. But 2K went above and beyond, remastering the games so they fit on modern widescreen HDTVs. The result is an eye-popping journey through a tremendous chunk of gaming's finest content. Simply put, BioShock the Collection is the complete package.