Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1? More like Battlefield #1! Because it's the best one.


This might be the most realistic video game ever made. It's jam-packed with maps based on real places. It has weapons, vehicles, and uniforms that were in an actual war called World War 1. It even has humans with realistic proportions. It's enough to satisfy any historian.

But don't let all that historical accuracy and sim-like attention to detail scare you into thinking this is some stuffy nerd game. This ain't your grand-daddy's World War 1-themed online shooter!

In fact, if there was black and white footage of your grand-daddy picking up a controller to play this game, he'd be making a frowny face when he picked up the controller. Then there would be an explosion, and when the black cloud cleared your grand-daddy would have frizzled hair, torn clothes, ash streaks on his face, and an expression of unbridled joy.

If your grand-daddy was eating a plate of pasta and he pushed aside a meatball to reveal Battlefield 1's box on the plate, he would frown and slam his fork and knife on the table in anger. But then we would see an x-ray showing the game's box in his stomach. The camera would pan up, and your grand-daddy would shrug with a grin, as if to say he just couldn't help himself.

What I'm saying is that Battlefield 1 is probably your grand-daddy's World War 1-themed online shooter. And if you have any taste at all, it will be yours too.