Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice Review

The verdict is in: This game is guilty - of perfection!


Capcom's Ace Attorney series exists to make a liar out of anyone who claims to hate adventure games or anime. It's the gaming equivalent of comfort food, with a disarmingly goofy blend of puzzle solving, character work, and mystery. Every entry is a delight, and Spirit of Justice is no exception.

If you're a fan of cases in Ace Attorney games, this game is for you! It has cases. There are five cases, all fully playable from beginning to end. How did they fit so much quality into one tiny cartridge?

Yelling in the courtroom is as fun as ever. There are so many people to yell at in there, and it always makes me happy. Objection!!! Contradiction!!! Documents!!! Hey!!! Need a pickup!!! Out of ammo over here!!! I can't leave without my buddy Superfly!!!

Investigating crime scenes provides a nice change of pace, and is rewarding in its own right. Chatting up suspects and witnesses reveals as much about the setting as scanning the environment for clues. Here's a clue-finding hint: An obvious piece of evidence like a bloody knife is nice, but don't ignore the seemingly benign objects such as murder notes that read "I DID THE MURDER". Those unassuming objects might just come in handy.

If Capcom can put out an Ace Attorney game on par with Spirit of Justice every few years, I'll gladly play the series until the day I am murdered by an anime.