PSVR Preview

Look out, Oculus and Valve! There's a new virtual reality sheriff in town called PSVR, and this town ain't big enough for three sheriffs.


When Sony's virtual reality headset launches later this year, it will be the ultimate gaming peripheral. The PSVR is like a high definition tv for your head. It immerses you in games like never before, cleverly using gyroscopes to stay in front of your eyes as you turn, tricking you into thinking you live in an awesome video game world.

Once you put the PSVR on, you'll never want to take it off again. And Sony is sure to deliver so many fantastic games that you'll never need to remove the headset.

For you tech heads out there, the PSVR's specs are sure to impress. For example, it's white, unlike the Rift and Vive. It can be plugged into a Playstation 4. It will have necessary cables that transmit data at blazing fast speeds. Sony went all-out when they designed this supercharged bad boy!

Some people are concerned about console games maintaining the steady 90fps required for a smooth and comfortable VR experience when most titles can barely hit 30fps at full resolution, let alone 60fps. These people make up a tiny percent of the PSVR's potential audience, and are likely nerds. After all, the human eye can barely follow the action in a 24fps film, and most of us have two eyeballs, which effectively doubles the perceived fps of any game.

We can't wait to get our hands on the PSVR this fall, especially if Sony sends us a review unit. Look for our coverage when the PSVR launches on October 13th and changes gaming forever.