Nintendo Switch Preview

On Thursday morning Nintendo revealed the future of video games, and with it they have gifted us with a reason to live through the remainder of this garbage year.


Nintendo Switch is the official name of the beloved company's hotly anticipated console. From what we've seen, it could be the greatest platform ever made.

Switch is a great name because it's better than the extremely bad alternatives we were all bracing ourselves for. It's not called the Wii U Too, or the Whee, or Bad Console, or , Just Random Wires And Circuits We Didn't Even Bother To Connect.

The Nintendo Switch's hardware is a work of art. It's stunning. Sleek. Brilliant. Several other adjectives that Nintendo can quote in their advertisements. It makes my previous favorite console design, the GameCube, look like a rectangle with a handle. See for yourself:

It's a console with a controller. Then, after you snap the controller in half and use the severed limbs to impale the console's head, it's a portable system. And they say Nintendo doesn't cater to a mature audience.

As an eagle-eyed games journalist, I spotted a fascinating detail in the Nintendo Switch reveal video that hasn't been mentioned anywhere else. Look closely and you'll notice that everyone in the video seemed to be having a great time. Not a single person was frowning, shaking their head, or throwing the console in a dumpster.

What does that tell you? This could well be the first video game system that absolutely everyone loves. We certainly can't wait to get our hands on the Nintendo Switch when it launches in March of 2017.