Grand Theft Auto VI Preview

We have the world-exclusive scoop on Rockstar's next GTA! Even in the early stages of development it's shaping up to be the greatest open world game of all time. You won't get these details anywhere else.


Grand Theft Auto VI (or GTA VI as the project is code-named internally) will have the most detailed open world of the entire series. It will not have fewer details than any of the previous games.

Cutscenes will feature many references to the films of Michael Mann. There will also be some original quality Rockstar writing. For example, there will be a slightly unhinged person interacting with a reluctant criminal. We don't know what the GTA VI equivalent of the phrase "middle age" (grumbled in every other sentence in Grand Theft Auto V) will be, but we're on the edge of our seats.

What about the plot? It's still in a rough early draft, but there are already some juicy details. The player's character will talk to a number of real shithead idiots. Just some fundamentally annoying people who no one would want to be around. These terrible people will all hold court on inane topics then boss you around, at which point you will do exactly what they ask. Your character will occasionally gripe or make a rude gesture, but ultimately you will have no choice in the matter.

Improved controls will make the action better than ever. Rockstar has been toying with an advanced animation system that keeps your character's face and body moving in the direction you move the stick, so the model will not glide backwards with its head, arms, and legs flopping madly and catching on objects in the environment.

GTA VI promises to be the biggest, boldest game in the series. We anticipate it almost as much as we anticipate Rockstar buying advertising on our website.