Expeditions: Viking Preview

Disclaimer: We were provided with a preview build of Expeditions: Viking by developer Logic Artists.


It takes a pillage to raise my spirits - and this game does it! Finally someone is bringing my dreams to life by combining the hedonistic brutality of Vikings with Sonic the Hedgehog. Gotta go to Valhalla fast! A Tails analog with two braided beards! Instead of running through a loop-de-loop, you can zip around a mead ha...

Oh. Oh, wait. It's EXPEDITIONS: Viking, not Expeditious Viking. Well that sounds great too!

You're tasked with guiding your Norse village to prosperity by conducting raids, establishing trade routes, or forging alliances while neighboring villages plot against you. It's a little bit Crusader Kings 2, a little XCOM, a little bit RPG, and absolutely no Sonic the Hedgehog. Damn it.

In the preview build I played, it was possible to create a character with stats and a face and clothes, talk to people, and fight other people in turn-based combat. Between now and the game's release, the developers assure me that they will continue to work on the game. Specifically, they want to improve and finish it. If everything comes together, Expeditions: Viking will be a fantastic addition to any boathouse! (Vikings didn't have buildings dedicated to storing video games, so I went with the closest thing)