Dragon Quest Builders Preview

Minecraft is a cultural touchstone worth billions of dollars. Dragon Quest Builders asks: What if Minecraft had art direction, enjoyable combat, and game elements that responded to your creations? As a result, Dragon Quest Builders is destined to be bigger and better than Minecraft.


Long ago, an evil dragon robbed humanity of its ability to build or use simple tools. You come along and amaze everyone by swinging pickaxes, stacking blocks on top of one another, and hammering stuff together like it's no big deal. This capacity for menial labor makes you the chosen one. Congrats! Now get to work and rebuild the entire realm.

As you might expect, you'll mine, chop, and thwack differently colored boxes to get resources. What you might not expect is that you will also be able to stand on top of these blocks, walk against them, and see several blocks on screen at the same time. Dragon Quest Builders is a showcase for stunning next-gen visuals and gameplay.

Build a settlement, and soon villagers arrive to populate the buildings and fulfill roles. Eventually they'll even give you quests. What I'm saying is that this game has a dragon, quests, and builders. The name checks out.

Dragon Quest Builders is the only crafting game you'll need to buy for the rest of your life. Unless a dragon stole your ability to use a controller, you have no reason to miss out when it arrives next month.