Battlefield 1 Preview

Freeing the series from the gritty shackles of modern combat, Battlefield 1 leaps headlong into the whimsical fantasy of the first World War. This action-packed reboot is going to blow your entire face off!


We're talking about large scale battles with 64 players on a single server - something only possible with today's technology. Battlefield 1 is the game Battlefield 1942 aspired to be, the culmination of fourteen years of progress.

Battlefield 1 delivers. If you love guns, it features a near-infinite number of guns, which is around thirty guns. If you love maps, it has several maps, none of which are identical or mirrored. There are even numerous vehicles that you can use from the outside (looking at, shooting at) or from the inside (driving, riding, shooting at the outside world). Simply put, Battlefield 1 does not disappoint.

The battlefield comes to life with vivid detail. Objects blow up. Objects get shot. Objects scream in pain. All of these objects are fully realized with graphics indistinguishable from a Pixar movie.

The biggest addition Battlefield 1 introduces to the series is probably the class system. In earlier games, everyone just played as generic soldiers. Now you can choose to be specialists such as Assault (soldier with gun), Medic (soldier with gun and health kit), Support (soldier with gun and ammo), Scout (soldier with gun that snipes), Tank (soldier with gun and tank), or Pilot (soldier with gun and plane). I'm pretty sure I even saw a horse in there somewhere.

Grab a trench shovel and tell your loved ones you will miss them dearly. On October 21st Battlefield 1 will drive a bayonet into your free time.