How to Advertise, Send Us Stuff, or Buy Out the Whole Dang Site

All inquiries should be sent to: [email protected]


Want us to review your game or hardware? Send it in! We'll give it a 10/10 and an Editor's Choice award, along with quotes to slap on your product's box and marketing materials. If you send us money or promotional items or pay for us to travel to an event, our coverage will be more enthusiastic.

We only review indie games that have been covered on major websites, and therefore matter.


Box Quote Factory unabashedly kisses up to the companies it deals with, so our visitors will want to know who advertises on this ridiculous site. This means they are less likely to block ads.

The central 728x90 banner and 300x250 side bar banner are each exclusive to one sponsor, and run site-wide. If you're advertising a gaming product, our coverage of that product will be more positive than usual.

Our year-long general sponsorship gets your company/product name in the site's title and in the "Box Quote Factory presented by" graphic at the top of every page. Additionally, we will always refer to our website as "Box Quote Factory presented by (your company)". If you are a platform holder (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Valve, Oculus, etc.) we will exclusively cover multi-platform games on your device and mention so in every review.

Buy Us

We believe the potential for an openly sycophantic games coverage site is enormous, with obvious benefits for a corporate overlord. Your company should buy us. The more ridiculous our company structure becomes, the better.

Our website is available for the asking price of $2.5 million dollars.

We are also open to investors, "rounds of funding", and other things people say on Silicon Valley.

Failing that, we will gladly follow the timeless games journalism tradition of abandoning our website when a more lucrative job offer from a gaming/tech/PR company comes along.