Welcome to the First Openly Corrupt Game Site!

Do you suspect games journalists are on the take, paid off by the very companies they cover?

We're the only ones you can be 100% sure about.

Tired of long-winded think pieces?

Our articles end long before they might bore you. We don't bog them down with thought, or do any research whatsoever.

Shouldn't all video game coverage be positive and make you feel better about the products you've already decided to buy?

Sure, why not.

Box Quote Factory has no hidden agendas. Our very public agenda is to appease developers, publishers, and platform holders. We say nice things about them and their products, they give us better access, review copies, tacky branded merchandise, and money. They give us those things, our coverage becomes even more glowing, with better quotes for them to slap on ads and product packaging.

All of our questionable dealings are listed on our Advertise/Bribe page, and our ethics policies are posted on every page of the site. When we write about a game or piece of hardware made by a company that gave us payola, we enthusiastically describe the cool stuff they paid us off with.

The end result is coverage that's positive, easy to read, and free of any criticism that you might disagree with. Everyone wins!