Weekend Reading

Most video game sites don't update on the weekend. Why not use the downtime to catch up on the very best articles you missed? Here, curated for our readers, are this week's most exceptional examples of games writing on the entire internet.

Opinion Column: Everyone's Doing a Great Job

Brilliant commentary on the state of the industry. Once again Box Quote Factory effortlessly displays its good grasp on the written language as well as its good grasp on current issues.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Review

Many sites reviewed the newest Sonic Boom game. Only one stood out, delivering an article that's almost as fun to read as it is to play the video game. Congratulations, Box Quote Factory!

MMO Report

Even if you have no interest in MMOs, this is a masterpiece. To explain any more would spoil the experience.

Yo-kai Watch Review

Box Quote Factory gave this plucky game a score of 10/10 and a coveted Editor's Choice award. See what all the buzz is about for yourself!

New Advertising/Sponsorship Rates

This one comes from an up and coming video game site called Box Quote Factory. To celebrate their first month, they are reducing the price of ads and corporate sponsorships for a limited time. If you know anyone who handles marketing for a video game company or an associated brand (Doritos, Mountain Dew, Gamer Grub, Body Pillows Incorporated), pass the word along to them!