Everything You Need to Know From Sony's PlayStation Event

On Wednesday afternoon the benevolent hand of Sony brushed aside the clouds and beckoned us to stare into the blindingly bright future of console hardware.

Everyone who spoke on stage at the event did a fantastic job. In fact, everyone at Sony deserves praise and thanks. Just a super impressive effort all around. If I have one criticism, it's that the press attending the event did not clap or cheer loudly enough, or as frequently as they should have.

Let's go over the major announcements.

PS4 Slim

On September 15th, this new PlayStation 4 model hits store shelves. Thanks to advances in processors and technology and RAM and screws, it is being released several years after the original PS4. It's also smaller and costs $300.

PS4 Pro

This is the next step forward, a console powerful enough to 4K some things (but not Blu-Rays or most games) and do HDR if your tv is right. For our non-technical readers, HDR makes more colors go on the screen. Or it makes the differences between colors more noticeable. Or it makes the difference less noticeable. I'm not sure about that. Realism! It definitely has something to do with realism, and probably photorealism too.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will be available for $400 on November 10th, exclusively for professional gamers and customers wearing ties.

What It All Means

There will soon be three versions of the PlayStation 4 on the market. How can you tell which one you'll need? It's easy!

Game Speed:

PS4 = Good, PS4 Slim = Maybe Better???, PS4 Pro = 4K

Virtual Reality Performance:

PS4 = 1.2x, PS4 Slim = HDR, PS4 Pro = Twice As Many VRs

Future Compatibility:

PS4 = Everything, PS4 Slim = More, PS4 Pro = Innovative

Box Quote Factory strongly advises our readers to cover their bases by buying every version of the system.