August Rumor Roundup

As trusted friends of all developers and publishers, we are in a unique position to overhear industry secrets. At the end of each month we present the most eyebrow-raising rumors.

Nintendo NX Scoops

Trusted sources within the highest echelons of Nintendo have confirmed (as an exclusive to Box Quote Factory) that the mysterious NX platform will offer "multiple sources of fun" such as:

- Using controls to make things happen

- Nice times

- Video games

One well-known executive personally told me that the Nintendo NX will be "really great" and something you "will be able to buy and enjoy", but keep in mind that hardware specs may change before the retail units go into production.

No Man's Sky Frustration Tears Hello Games Apart

Reowr! Can you say cat fight?

As Hello Games remains curiously silent to the outside world, things are getting downright ugly within the studio. What's the problem? A majority of the company agrees with the critical consensus that No Man's Sky is perfect and everything it promised to be. On the other hand, studio head Sean Murray and a small faction of loyalists argue that the game would have been even better with 19 quintillion planets instead of the 18 quintillion that it shipped with.

We can only hope that both sides manage to find common ground before the commotion becomes an all-out kerfuffle. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who are impacted.

The Valve Surprise We've Been Waiting For

This last tip came in mere minutes before we filed today's feature. We haven't confirmed it yet, but the information was too incredible to pass up. You might want to sit down for this.

Apparently, every Valve employee is delightful. Each and every one. Just fantastic people whose personalities and looks cannot be faulted. Several of these amazing people are in a position to set up Box Quote Factory with SteamVR hardware so we can review the platform and its fantastic games, and are reportedly eager to do so. We are simply overjoyed to discover this, and look forward to hearing from them.