PSVR Has The Best Launch Lineup in History

No, I didn't forget to file today's article as an Opinion Column update. Opinion has nothing to do with this. When you examine every hardware launch in history, the PlayStation VR objectively has the best software lineup.

As of this week, there are over 30 games available for PSVR. That's the biggest lineup of any virtual reality platform to date. We'll start running our reviews of PSVR games this week, but rest assured that every title we've seen is 10/10 material.

That alone would be impressive. But consider this: PSVR can run all PS4 games, projecting them on a virtual projection screen. So technically you should include the three year library of PS4 games in PSVR's launch lineup.

Oh! Don't forget that if you plug an HDMI cable from any system into the PSVR, it will be displayed on a similar virtual projection screen. So the launch lineup includes the entire libraries of consoles like Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, and XBOX 360.

And the NES Classic Edition will have HDMI output, so count that too.

Actually, go ahead and count the next generation of consoles, since HDMI will probably stick around for at least another six years. And we might as well count every unreleased PSVR game as well, just to be fair.

There's no way around it. Even by these conservative measures, no launch lineup comes close to that of the PSVR.