Giveaway: Planet Coaster

Update: Congratulations to Scott S., who won the giveaway!

We have an extra steam key for the greatest theme park sim ever made, so why not give it away to the greatest audience this site has ever had?

Entering is simple. Just send an email with the subject 'Planet Coaster' to [email protected] anytime between now and 7am EST on Tuesday the 3rd of January 2017. I'll randomly pick a winner, then send out the code and update this page.

Later this week we'll return from our holiday break and get back to our regular schedule. Now that we're past the year-end glut of video game releases, there's plenty of breathing room to get real dumb with features and new types of coverage. For example, in the coming weeks we'll be reviewing a number of tabletop games from our friends at Fantasy Flight Games.

Our goal is to make 2017 the best year in gaming history by getting a sponsor or selling the site to a larger company that will run it into the ground. Let's make it happen!