Overwatch Halloween Update: A Complete Guide

Overwatch was already perfect. With the Halloween update, the game is so good it's downright spooky!

This incredible patch introduces so many new things it'll make your head spin - in its grave! Don't worry. We're here to guide you.


These flying pests are creepy! Sometimes draculas turn into them. Sometimes they're just normal bats.


This member of the gourd family is orange. On Halloween, people like to carve the outsides then put lights inside.


No one knows what happens when people die. One theory is that they stick around as spirits, making "OOOO" sounds. No one cares much until Halloween, at which point ghosts are a delight.


A marker above a buried body. Sometimes there are funny inscriptions.


Sweet treats given from doorways to youths in costumes.


Imagine a bucket for witches. There. You just imagined a cauldron.


Put anything in front of the moon when it's Halloween and enjoy instant creepiness. For extra potency, add fog!