Opinion Column: Every Game Deserves a Sequel, and So Does Every Sequel

It takes courage to create an original AAA game. This is the age of franchises, where new, innovative standalone experiences are rare. After all, why would a publisher take a risk on something that isn't a known quantity?

We, as gamers, need to encourage original games by promising to buy every new title regardless of quality (though they're all sure to be great) AND all the sequels. New games can only be created if everyone involved assumes there will be a successful follow-up and a third game to round out the first trilogy. This is how innovation works.

It's impossible to tell a complete story in one game, anyway. Everyone knows that a video game must end with unanswered questions and a looming threat. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you didn't get a sequel with more unanswered questions and a slightly different looming threat, followed by a third game that botches the answers, leaves other questions unanswered, and sets up a new looming threat?

On my honor as a true gamer, I swear a holy oath to support originality by buying absolutely everything that's dangled in front of my noble face.