Opinion Column: Vote NO On The Proposition To Destroy Video Games

You probably missed this, but there's an election in the United States today.

We make a point of avoiding politics. In fact, we don't know who the candidates are. We don't even own red white and blue tuxedos with matching stars and stripes top hats. But there's a lot at stake in this election so we're going to tell you how to fill out your ballot.

Vote NO on any measures that:

- Instate the death penalty for any individual or group found guilty of creating a video game

- Force console makers to place razor-sharp spikes on controllers, brutally reducing the console makers' audiences

- Unfairly demand that companies accurately represent the features in their games

- Create a Loot Box Tax establishing that for every loot box/booster pack/mega crate sold to a player, the publisher must send a tiny loot box/booster pack/mega crate to the IRS

- Blow up the entire world (including video games)