Opinion Column: Our Mafia 3 Review Policy

As Polygon and IGN have gone out of their way to point out, Mafia 3 will not be provided to reviewers in advance of the game's release. Those sites explained the situation in features titled "Where's Polygon's Mafia 3 Review?" and "Where's IGN's Mafia 3 Review?" You'll have to check the links to make sure, but I think the former is from Polygon and the latter is from IGN.

While we would obviously love to play every game early for free, we understand 2K Games' position. Actually, we don't understand it at all, but we want 2K to like us so we'll just nod and mumble something about how complicated publishing can be.

Don't let the whining elitists at other video game websites get you down, 2K Games. Don't waste your time on members of the enthusiast press who air dirty laundry to score points with readers. Consider working with reliable outlets who will always have your back.

So how does this situation impact Box Quote Factory's coverage of Mafia 3?

We originally planned to dig into the game weeks in advance and give our readers a comprehensive understanding of the game, from mechanics to narrative themes. The game comes out on October 7th, the same day we'll get our hands on it. As a responsible video game website, that leaves us with only one choice.

Our review of Mafia 3 will be posted on October 7th, the day it comes out. Probably before we've played it. We will be the only website with a review of the game for at least one or two days. We'll be the first. Us.