Opinion Column: Be Nice to Me in Rocket League

Everyone needs to stop running into me. I'm trying to drive my rocket car. You're making this very difficult.


Rocket League is basically the best game of all time. It's fast, explodey soccer with double-jumping dumbass-mobiles and an alarmingly high skill ceiling. This feels like the ultimate Quake 2 mod, if you're old enough to remember those.

The thing is, my opponents need to get out of my way. Let me get the speed boosts. When I hit the ball toward the goal, don't block it. Stop hitting my car with your car until my car falls apart. Just stop it. Don't do any of it to me.

You guys are bringing down this incredible game. How can I fully appreciate the construction hat on my vehicle when you're spamming the chat with "What a save!" every time I fail to make a save?

In the new Rumble mode, you get random powerups during the match. It's amazing. Well, it should be amazing. Unfortunately, I keep getting hit with other people's powerups. Someone used a plunger to grab a ball away from me. Someone else used a boot on a comedically long spring to kick my car across the arena. This has to stop.

It is my opinion that gamers are ruining this wonderful video game. Please show some respect for all the people who worked on Rocket League by letting me drive where I want.