Opinion Column: Pre-Ordering is Actually a Great Idea, Always

Some irresponsible members of the gaming press are telling gamers not to pre-order. Not content to warn against pre-ordering games that look bad (which is terrible advice in itself), they even suggest that you shouldn't pre-order games that seem like sure things. Ridiculous.


Pre-ordering is the purest expression of your loyalty. It puts all of your money directly into the hands of designers so they can make a better game.

Think about the months or years you spend reading and thinking about a game before it comes out. Isn't all that anticipation a reward in itself? I'd say that's worth your $60.

Also, consider the fact that most games are great, or at least good. Something like 95%-98% of all video games get review scores higher than 3/10. I'll take those odds every time. It's a winning proposition.

Pre-order bonuses make the deal even sweeter for customers. When you get to start a game with a limited edition Reskinned Dagger of Replace Within Fifteen Minutes AND a one-use mana potion you're practically coming out ahead in the exchange. If anything, you should be paying more for the privilege of blindly buying video games

So don't just pre-order every game that seems halfway decent. Go one step further and pony up for a season pass of DLCs that are nothing more than vague promises with cool names like Buzzsaw Ridge and Insane Earl's Explosion Pack. It's the least you can do.