MMO Report

With new games coming out all the time, it's easy to lose track of the many MMOs that have been plugging along for months or years. From time to time we'll check in on every major online game to see how they're doing and which ones are worth jumping into.

Lord of the Rings Online

There is simply no better MMO on the market if you're a fan of potatoes. LOTRO has always stood head and shoulders above the competition in many ways, particularly the number of potatoes available for players to pick from the (Middle) earth. As the game enters its 9th year, the 18th major update expands the world which in turn increases the number of potatoes. Score: 10/10

World of Warcraft

The Horde and Alliance are at it again! With the rivalry between the two factions as heated as ever, it's a perfect time to jump in! Score: 10/10

Star Wars: The Old Republic

We're just weeks away from the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, which promises to add "more of BioWare's cinematic storytelling, as well as exciting new game features." It sounds pretty cinematic! We're excited for the new game features. Score: 10/10

Final Fantasy XIV

Everyone's excited about Final Fantasy XV. That's great, because it's sure to be a brilliant RPG. But isn't XIV a higher number than XV because it has more letters? Score: 10/10

Star Trek Online

This game has two things going for it. First, this month's release of PS4 and Xbox One versions brought an influx of new players. Second, the genre of outer space is more popular than it has ever been now that we know the Earth is completely surrounded by outer space. Score: 10/10

The Elder Scrolls Online

Cynical gamers scoff at The Elder Scrolls Online for being another fantasy MMO with potatoes. But set aside your preconceptions, and you may find that there are also baked potatoes. Score: 10/10