One Question Interview: Chris Remo of Campo Santo

Campo Santo's debut franchise blast-kicked the industry's face off with a chainsaw. After heating up the PC and PS4, Firewatch is finally coming to park (ranger) on your Xbox One on September 21st. You should buy it. It's honestly the best thing I've played all year.


Chris Remo is a man of many facets and angles. In addition to his many contributions at Campo Santo, he hosts the Idle Thumbs podcast. It's honestly the best thing I've listened to all decade.

We're honored to feature Chris in the first installment of One Question Interview. He's smart, funny, and a consistent source of thoughtful criticism about the relationship between video games and the enthusiast press. Please remember to buy Firewatch and assorted pieces of Campo Santo merchandise. It's honestly the best merchandise I've purchased all day.

On to the interview.

Box Quote Factory: Could you have done more to communicate to the player that they do not control a silent protagonist, with a chatty buddy named Henry lingering directly behind them at all times? The story would have made way more sense if I had realized this before my third playthrough.

Chris Remo: Your initial interpretation was correct.