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Giveaway: Planet Coaster

We have an extra steam key for the greatest theme park sim ever made, so why not give it away to the greatest audience this site has ever had?

Opinion Column: Every Game Deserves a Sequel, and So Does Every Sequel

New games can only be created if everyone involved assumes there will be a successful follow-up and a third game to round out the first trilogy. This is how innovation works.

Super Mario Run Review

It's the finest Nintendo game on non-Nintendo hardware since the Legend of Zelda games on CD-i!

Microsoft Gives Box Quote Factory $75,000 to Sponsor One Year of Content


The Last Guardian Review

If The Last Guardian is a reward for gamers who waited this long, I'm willing to wait a hundred years for the studio's next title!

Dead Rising 4 Review

Is Dead Rising 4 worth playing? Of corpse! It's a no brainer!

Steep Review

The pulse-defying blend of extreme snow sports in Steep is so perfect that it's all downhill from here!

Final Fantasy XV Review

Final Fantasy XV represents an ambitious and bold new direction for the series: A simulation of a Star Trek crew stumbling around the ship's bridge during an attack!

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